FTP Filesystem

Manage filesystems on remote FTP servers.

class fs.ftpfs.FTPFS(host, user=u'anonymous', passwd=u'', acct=u'', timeout=10, port=21, proxy=None)

A FTP (File Transport Protocol) Filesystem.

  • host (str) – A FTP host, e.g. 'ftp.mirror.nl'.
  • user (str, optional) – A username (default is 'anonymous').
  • passwd (str, optional) – Password for the server, or None for anon.
  • acct (str, optional) – FTP account.
  • timeout (int, optional) – Timeout for contacting server (in seconds, defaults to 10).
  • port (int, optional) – FTP port number (default 21).
  • proxy (str) – An FTP proxy, or None (default) for no proxy.

dict – features of the remote FTP server.


FTP – the underlying FTP client.


Get the FTP url this filesystem will open.


Check if server supports MLST feature.