OS Filesystem

Manage the filesystem provided by your OS.

In essence an OSFS is a thin layer over the io and os modules in the Python library.

class fs.osfs.OSFS(root_path, create=False, create_mode=511)

Create an OSFS.

  • root_path (str or path-like) – An OS path or path-like object to the location on your HD you wish to manage.
  • create (bool) – Set to True to create the root directory if it does not already exist, otherwise the directory should exist prior to creating the OSFS instance.
  • create_mode (int) – The permissions that will be used to create the directory if create is True and the path doesn’t exist, defaults to 0o777.

fs.errors.CreateFailed – If root_path does not exists, or could not be created.

Here are some examples of creating OSFS objects:

current_directory_fs = OSFS('.')
home_fs = OSFS('~/')
windows_system32_fs = OSFS('c://system32')